Rebels with a Cause: The Kremlin’s Wolves in Ukraine

The Guardian – 13’15” – 29 January 2016

The Night Wolves are Russia’s largest and most notorious biker gang, boasting strong ties to President Vladimir Putin and diehard chapters across the former USSR. Members of the club’s outpost in war-torn, eastern Ukraine took up arms in 2014 and joined Moscow-backed separatists. Now, against the backdrop of a shaky ceasefire, what does the resurgence of these paramilitary petrolheads mean for Russia’s ever-deteriorating relationship with the west?

Watch the film and read more about The Night Wolves here.


A film by Jack Losh and Sebastien Rabas
Editor: Piers Dennis
Colourist: Max Horton
Sound mixer: Oriol Campi
Post producer: Laura Smith
Fixer and translator: Taras Kompaniets
Transcriber and translator: Margot Tiounine
Commissioning editor: Charlie Phillips